Wednesday Wishlist: The Sweater Dress

All I can think about right now is being warm. But sometimes I just want to be lazy and throw on a dress. The answer to that? The sweater dress.

Wednesday Wishlist: The Sweater Dress | Something Good

It’s been annoyingly hard though to find the perfect sweater dress though! There was the fail J.Crew one. Then there was the dress with shoulder pads from last week. I ordered one a few days ago and then my order was cancelled! I can’t figure out if it’s a sign that I should give up or that I need to refine what I’m looking forward.

If you’re looking for a cream or gray sweater dress though, you’re in serious luck. The number of cream/white and gray sweater dresses is overwhelming. From cowl neck to a v-neck, the choices are endless. I also love that there’s a pretty huge price range too. I’ve found some decent ones at Forever 21, but a number of larger retailers (like Nordstrom and Macy’s) are putting their more expensive sweater dresses on sale.

If you’re looking to scoop up any winter item, really now is the perfect time. I’d aim for a sweater dress, obviously, but you can get a pretty good winter jacket for a really good price right now too.

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