The B Bar Link Up: Hidden Talents

For the B Bar Blog Link Up this month, we were asked to write about a typical ice breaker question: one of our hidden talents.

Normally for ice breaker questions, you’ll get something like, share a fun fact about yourself.* But I haven’t tackled the hidden talent question in a while, so this one took some digging. The two I came up with ended up being actually tied to each other.

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1. I’m good at managing multiple responsibilities and time management.

Since I was in high school, I’ve had a tendency to put a lot on my plate. It got a little more intense when I was in college and then grad school, throwing internships and part time jobs into the mix. Now that I’m working a full time job, I’ve switched up what I’m doing, but I’ve still had a lot of things to juggle. I got into how I juggle all of these things in my work/life balance post, so feel free to head over to that post if you want some tips on how to juggle  busy life. Here I wanted to talk a little more about what really drives this skill.

What really drives this skill is that skill is the passion behind all of the things that I do. Each activity that I participate in, from my full time job to side activities every thing I do is based off of the passion that drives it. Even my part time job at a theater company, it came because I love theater and I have a passion for bringing people to it.

When I’m working on something that I’m passionate about, it makes it a little easier to balance my time. I actually want to spend my free time working on that project and it inspires the other things that I do.

2. I understand when it’s time to give myself a break and what I need to do to accomplish that.
This really boils down to one thing: I know when to quit. Does that always mean I quit right away? Well, no. I’m a practical person and sometimes when you know it’s time to quit doesn’t always mean you’re in the place to quit. And, well, that’s okay. If it’s your full time job, sometimes you need that income. Some people are great at throwing caution to the wind, but I’m not one of those people. However, if it’s a job, when I start to realize that it’s time to quit, that’s when I know that it’s time for me to start searching for something else.

It’s obviously a little different if its something that’s not bringing in income. That doesn’t mean that it’s as easy to quit, but if you aren’t passion about it, why are you spending time on it?

So that’s my hidden talent(s): managing my time and passions and knowing when it’s time to quit.

* For the record, one fun fact that I normally share is that once when I was in NYC, I almost got hit by Daniel Radcliff’s car…but that’s a story for another fun facts post.

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