Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Night Links

Fun fact: Seven of the top 10 songs come from female artists #running #motivation
Do Something Good 
It's funny that I'm writing this as DC is about to head into one of it's coldest weekends in a while, but you know what's starting back up in the nonprofit world? Runs and walks season! Do you have a charity that you support? They're probably hosting a walk at some point this season (if not in the fall). While I won't be running in any coming up soon (I have terrible knees), I plan on volunteering at at least one or two this spring.

If you are a runner though, I want to make sure you know about this opportunity. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital offers those who participate in extreme endurance events (like half and full marathons) the opportunity to become St. Jude Heroes. In addition to participating in these events, the runners also raise at least $500 and they 100% deserve their title of hero. I have a handful of friends who have participated and I'm repeatedly amazed by their dedication. If you have any questions or you want to participate, let me know! I would love to support you however I can.

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The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Utility Vests

Go figure, as I was putting together this post about my hunt to find the perfect utility vest, I found it!

Wednesday Wishlist: Utility Vests | Something Good, utility vest, women's fashion, outfit, style

These vests are the perfect toppers for swing dresses and a fun way to mix up some of my basic outfits. I can't wait to layer it over stripes like the girl in this picture and then mix it up with some dresses!

Do you own a utility vest? What do you think of them?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shopping Reviews, Vol. 18

The shopping reviews are back! The combination of being super busy and the sun setting early in the day made it hard to get these pictures taken. But thanks to a little bit of free time and turning on all of the lights, I was able to get some pictures taken!

Shopping Reviews, Vol. 18 | Something Good, women, fashion, style, clothing, merona utility vest, target, target style

I've been looking for a utility vest with little luck. Everything that I've found that I've like has been way too expensive. But I was looking through Shopstyle for tomorrow's post and I came across this beauty! Since I already had a trip to Target coming up, I checked out this beauty while I was there and it was love.
Verdict: Keep


Monday, February 8, 2016

The Windowpane Skirt

So in Sunday night TV watching news: I did not watch the Super Bowl. I tuned in for the half time show (cause Bey) and was reminded why I don't watch The Bachelor (yes, it's related), but surprisingly no football for me this year. Which is funny, because I am actually a football fan, but I didn't really care about the Panthers, Broncos, or Coldplay. 

The Windowpane Skirt | Something Good, women, fashion, style, winter style, winter fashion, outfits, clothing, loft window pane skirt, over the knee boot, old navy shoes, tights, long sleeve black shirt, cable knit infinity scarf

Shirt: Same, Similar / Skirt: Previously Seen Here, Similar, Similar / Boots: Same, Similar / Scarf (made by my mom!): Similar, Similar / Tights: Same