Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday's Something (very) Good: August 2015 Budget

August 2015 Budget

1 / 2

1. Topshop Strappy V-Neck Camisoles, in navy and mint (had $20 nordstrom note): $39.22
2. Forever 21 Lace-Up Booties: $26.91

Money Earned

Money Remaining in 3rd Quarter Budget
- $77.05

Guys, I'm going to take a second here to pat myself on the back AND give myself a high five. Took at that budget above! About halfway through July (and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), I decided that I was done order new things until the boy came back from his vacation. I figured that would give me about a month (mid August) and then I would see what happened from there. It oddly became a lot easier than I thought to just not shop and whenever I would start browsing sites the urge to buy just wasn't there (and it felt amazing).

Now, I did buy three things this month, so let me explain those. The TopShop tanks: if you haven't noticed from this post, this post, or this post, I'm in love with these tanks. I've actually been waiting for the navy to come back in stock for about three months now, so when it did, I jumped on the opportunity. I also saw that it was available in mint and since that's a color I know I love wearing, I jumped on that too. Combined with the fact that I had a Nordstrom Note to use, I ended up saving about $20 on these tanks.

The booties: Looking through my pinterest boards and shoptagr page, I've noticed one thing that I really love wearing are booties. I had also been looking at a few pairs at Sole Society, but hadn't really made a decision yet (aka waiting for a sale to happen). However, I was trying to kill time the other day, so I decided to wander through Forever 21. Long story short, I came across these booties and loved them. I didn't buy them though. I decided to wait a little bit and then realized I couldn't stop thinking about them (and coming up with outfits for them). Honestly, that's a cincher for me.

So that was a really long explanation for three items. But I was really excited. I'm still a little in the red because of July, but I'm hoping that September will help to even that out.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Night Links


Do Good
Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from last year? Well for those who participated (and it was a lot of people), you'll be happy to know that your donation made a difference!

The $220 million plus that was donated was partially respondisble for a new finding concerning the way certain proteins fail to function in ALS patients! Want to learn more? An ALS researcher led a Reddit AMA a few weeks back where he explains it.

Want to get involved? Well the challenge is actually still going on! Now named a yearly challenge, the ALS Association has declared they're going to keep it going "Every August until a cure."

On Something Good

Read Something Good

The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Printed Shorts

 Even though everyone is wishing for fall outfits, I can't deny the fact that DC is still hot! Luckily, I'm still loving these shorts, so I won't complain about getting to wear them a little longer.

j.crew factory shorts, printed shorts, racer back tank, black tank, kendra scott necklace, crossbody bag, slide sandals, madewell ring, fashion, women, outfit

Tank: Similar, Similar / Shorts: Similar, Similar / Sandals: Similar, Similar / Bag: Previously Seen Here, Similar, Similar / Necklace: Same / Ring: Similar, Similar

Since I shared one of my weekend outfits on Monday, I would share another today! I wore this for Saturday's shenanigans (aka sitting in line, eating lots of cava, and watching Gilmore Guys!). 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Swing Dresses

Wednesday Wishlist: Swing Dresses1 / 2 / 3

I bet no one is surprised by this wishlist! Swing dresses and trapeze dresses were my jam this summer and luckily every store wants to make sure my obsession caries over into the Fall. Long sleeves, stripes, and rich fall colors, I'm all in!

Shop more trapeze and swing dresses!