Products with a Cause: Valentine’s Day Gifts with UncommonGoods

Note: Today’s post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Something Good!

Remember how I said I wasn’t that great at Valentine’s Day? Well, I still stand by that statement. So I guess you wouldn’t be that surprised to hear that I’m not that great with Valentine’s Day gifts either.

Which is kind of weird because I love giving gifts.

Products with a Cause: Valentine's Day Gifts with UncommonGoods | Something Good

Whether its an experience or physical present, I love finding the present that my friend will love (or at least pretend to love). But on Valentine’s Day, I really don’t know what exactly to do. I mean, how big do you really go? It’s not someone’s birthday. You’re just supposed to show someone that you love them. And in theory they already know that…

Now honestly, all of my problems would have been solved a lot quicker if I had realized that UncommonGoods also does a curated Valentine’s Day Shop.

Actually, they do three. A basic Valentine’s Day one, one with gifts for husbands, and one with gifts for wives.

The gifts in there are great too. You can go full on lovey with these great “where we’re from” paintings. You can get some fun drinking accessories for your guy. Or you can get the best coffee table book ever for your friends.

You really can’t lose when you get your Valentine’s Day gifts with UncommonGoods.

In fact, one of the reasons they’ve been featured so many times on this blog is because they strongly support the causes they believe in and impact the world in a positive way. Every time someone shops there, they donate $1 to the nonprofit of the shopper’s choice! Since starting this practice 12 years ago, UncommonGoods has donated over $1 million to charities about the world.

So go head over to UncommonGoods and buy something for your boo, bae, gal pal, or whatever other name you have for them. Just celebrate how much you love them and how awesome they are.


Here are some of my other favorites from their Valentine’s Day shop.

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