5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

It’s time for me to finally leave on that beautiful jet plane and head home for Thanksgiving! I know when I’ll be back again, but… (okay, I’m stopping with the lyrics now). I have plenty of posts still coming at you this week, but I wanted to share 5 easy Thanksgiving outfit ideas just in case you needed some last minute inspiration.

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw , women, fashion, clothing, style, clothes, holiday season, striped midi skirt, navy and white stripes, navy crew neck sweater, j.crew factory, j.crew, crossbody bag, everlane shoes, mules, heeled mules, thanksgiving ideas, fashion

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw ,

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw ,
5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw ,

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw , crossbody bag

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw , fall fashion ideas
5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw , everlane suede mules, heeled mules, striped skirt, midi skirt, crossbody bag

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw ,

5 Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Something Good, @danaerinw , women's fashion, fall style

J.Crew Sweater / J.Crew Factory Striped Skirt (Sold out, similar idea) / Everlane Mules / Similar Crossbody

I feel like in my lifetime I’ve covered the spectrum of Thanksgiving dinners. We’ve had the nice sit down with the fancy china. I’ve also gone to the everyone grab a plate and chill on the couch while football is on. I’ve even done the four Thanksgivings in one day (it was rough, luckily I wasn’t driving).

This year will be another easy year though, which I’m pretty thankful though.

Last year my parents came to DC and we made a pretty easy Thanksgiving dinner (50% of it was made in crockpots). This year we’re going to basically recreate that in Wisconsin. *Insert praise hands emojis here* It’ll be relaxing and easy.

Now on to the outfit. I actually have a funny story behind this one. The first time I wore it, I actually had to go from Jewish services to picking up one of the kids I babysit for from her ballet practice. There wasn’t time to change, so I didn’t bother. As she and I were leaving ballet practice, I actually got compliment by three different moms on my outfit. I already knew I loved this outfit, but that basically cemented it’s winning status.

I probably won’t wear this for my Thanksgiving dinner (I’m sticking with jeans), but I’ll probably bring it out next time I want to dress up a little. But for you, if you’re going to “meet the parents” this Thanksgiving, maybe take some inspiration from this outfit. This look is already Mom-approved!

If this look isn’t quite what you’re going for for Thanksgiving this year, I’ve also shared four more looks below that would also be great to wear to Thanksgiving.

If you want a better look at the outfits (or to shop them), just click on the picture to go to the post!

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What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Are you going out of town or saving up your vacation days?

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  • Cat

    Can you share your lipstick shade in the first pics? You look gorgeous!

    • Sorry for the delayed response, I had to go on a bit of a hunt to find it online, but here you go: http://amzn.to/2jvisjM

      I got it in a subscription box a year or two ago, but I love the color!

  • Ah, love this skirt + mules combo! Casual-ish skirt + sweater is my Thanksgiving formula, though here we need to have tights. So alas, no mules for me…

    • Thanks! I seem to need tights every other day here, it’s been so inconsistent.

      You could always be that person who gets flesh colored tights and wears mules with that? Just try to not slip out of your mules and go flying everywhere.