Wednesday Wishlist: Everlane Shoes

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While all I really want to talk about at Everlane right now is their jeans, I haven’t received my pair in the mail yet.* So while we wait, I thought we could talk about something equally fun, Everlane shoes.

Wednesday Wishlist: Everlane Shoes | Something Good

I want every pair of shoes that Everlane has out right now.

Seriously. Every single pair. From their loafers to their sandals, I swear everything that comes out of that store is pure gold.

I should probably get something out of the way first though.

These shoes aren’t exactly inexpensive. Now, I know I preach about shopping on a budget. Yesterday, I even did a shopping tip about buying dupes. But sometimes, it’s okay to spend a little bit more money when the shoes are worth it. When the shoes are high quality, you know exactly where they were made, and you know that if anything happens to them, the company’s customer service has your back, then it’s worth it.

I should probably quickly clarify what I mean by expensive. Because I know girls who will drop $600 on a pair of shoes (and if you can do that, more power to you). The most expensive pair of Everlane shoes is a $235 leather ankle boot. The majority of their shoes fall between $100 and $200 for real leather and suede shoes.

I could go back to talking about how much I love them, but I think you may have gotten the point.

So I’m going to tell you just one more thing about them before I go. I haven’t had to break in either pair of my Everlane shoes. It was like they were made for me. I put them on and we were immediately good to go.

How many pairs of your shoes can you say that about?


*I may actually have but I couldn’t pick up my mail today.

I want every pair of shoes that Everlane has out right now.

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