How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane

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A lot of us associate traveling with the holidays, but my feed seems to be filling up lately with everyone going on some sort of tropical getaway.

Now, I won’t be going on any sun-filled vacations in my future, but I do have a number of trips planned for this year. With all of those trips comes a bit of travel and I thought it would be fun to share my tips for how to pack your carry on for flights (or bus rides).

While I’m still working on becoming a suit case packing pro, I feel like I’ve nailed it in terms of my carry on. That was why I wanted to team up with Everlane to share how to pack your carry on and make it your easiest travel yet.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

Sweater c/o / Loafers c/o / Backpack c/o

First, the bag. I use to be a tote girl, but in the past few months I’ve shifted over to a backpack and it’s become my preferred bag. Now, I talked about my Everlane backpack in my 2016 favorite  purchases post, but they’ve perfected their bag and come out with a new version that’s even more perfect for the girl on the go. The front pocket makes it easy to reach around and grab whatever you need. Also, the top zipper now wraps around the side of your bag. This means that the zipper closures are actually closer to your back. I love this because it means that I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to unzip the top of my bag and reach in.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

The bag also includes two side pockets for water bottles. Now, I know that you aren’t suppose to bring a water bottle through security at an airport and I’m not telling you to try to break that rule. But, you can bring an empty water bottle through and refill it once you’ve passed through security. Meaning, I don’t have to part with my favorite S’well water bottle and can stay hydrated throughout my bus ride or flight.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

Next, the entertainment.
On the inside of the backpack, there’s a padded pocket where I can store my laptop (with or without the case), so it doesn’t take up any room in the rest of the backpack. I try to avoid actually using my laptop on a flight, but I will use it beforehand if I need to get work done.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

The main compartment can then be used for my kindle, planner, and phone/headphones.

(Can I just take a moment to say thank you to whoever came up with the idea of e-readers? I use to have so many problems trying to fit all of my books into one bag for a trip. Well no more of that problem! 100’s of books at my fingertips. It’s beautiful.)

To entertain myself, I’ll normally stick to just reading or listening to a podcast. If it’s a long flight, I might watch a movie (if that’s an option), but I normally just stick to reading (…or sleeping).

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

The last few things I’ll throw in include my wallet, hand lotion, lip balm, and sunglasses in the front pocket.

Next, it’s time to figure out what to wear.

I was never one for wearing sweatpants on a plane. I want to be comfortable, but I don’t really want to look like a mess in public. I’ll generally opt for a pair of jeggings and a really comfortable top (like this sweater). I also try to pick a comfortable pair of shoes that I can easily slip off and on at security (though, now that I have pre-approval, that’s not much of an issue). But, since I’m trying to not be an overpacker, I also want to make sure that I pick a pair of shoes that I’m going to want to wear on the rest of my trip.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

Enter the Everlane loafers. Comfortable, chic, and can be easily slipped off. All the boxes are checked!

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

Finally, I always make sure to add a wrap or blanket scarf to my bag. It can serve as a scarf, blanket, or pillow, so really, you just got three pieces for one. Trust me, you’re going to be happy you have it on your next long flight.

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

The only thing I didn’t include here was snacks. For me, snacks are a must. I don’t want to waste money on food at the airport (unless a meal is necessary because of flight times or connections). Because of that, my bag is always loaded down with snacks based on what I’m enjoying. Lately, it’s been a trail mix of almonds, dried apples, and raisins. Plus a small bag of chocolate because I can’t resist.

That’s it for the carry on! The lighter the better, in case your luggage is too heavy and you need to take something out. It’s also good to have extra room in case you want to carry a second outfit/set of toiletries if your luggage gets lost (I try to not check my bag to avoid that though).

How to Pack Your Carry On with Everlane | Something Good

What are your must-haves for your carry on? Anything on this list that you wouldn’t bother with?

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  1. I love their backpacks! And i’m like you – used to be a tote girl 100%, but switching to a backpack for work made me now want that for travel too – my back SOOO appreciates it 🙂

  2. Gemma| My Dailies on

    I love your shoes too!

  3. That backpack is seriously the coolest! So chic! I have a diaper bag that is a backpack and with three kids under three, it has been a game changer for me!

  4. Love the backpack. I used to be a tote girl too and now having a backpack is just so much more practical and comfortable plus so many cute/
    ones out there now.

  5. Belema Ronabere on

    I gotta say that bag is really pretty and i love the grey colour. Wish I had this idea 3 years ago when I had a major travel