July 2017 Budget

It’s already time for the July 2017 Budget! I’m pretty sure July flew by the quickest of any month this year.

July 2017 Budget | Something Good

July 2017 Budget Purchases
1. Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater: $39.9
2. Aritzia Wilfred Free Winberg Tank: $30
3. Madewell Gingham Shorts: $19.99
4. AEO Cuffed Midi Shorts: $19.99
5. Blondo Volly Waterproof Riding Boot: $31.9

Total Spent in July 2017 Budget

Remaining in 3rd Quarter Budget

I feel like I spent more time shopping this month than I have in a while….and I didn’t feel great. I was trying to get my purchases done so I could do my try ons for my Nordstrom post and at one point I almost started dreading it? It really just got to the point where it too much and I had to stop.

Honestly I’m just amazed at how much things have shifted in such a month. I went from frequently browsing to only really looking when I was looking for a specific product. I’m more content with that’s in my closet and I have less of a “need to buy” craving.

I don’t know if there’s a specific reason for the shift, but right now, I want to say it’s primarily because of the site blockers I put up back in June. Knowing that there was something there to physically stop me from buying made me less tempted to actually go to the site. With the loss of temptation, came a loss of care. I started to care a less about what was on the site or looking for the latest piece. I instead started just turning to pieces in my wardrobe to recreate looks (imagine that).

It also made me a lot more focused when I did go shopping for a specific piece. For instance, right now I’m looking for a longer pink cardigan, light jean shorts, and distressed light boyfriend(ish) jeans. It’s almost like I have blinders on when I go shopping and that’s what I focus on. It’s really crazy, but it’s also so freeing.

Now, to talk about this month’s budget a little bit. It’s a little mix of that Nordstrom sale that I mentioned above (that made me notice how sick of shopping I was) and a few summer pieces that I was still looking for). I finally found the light jean shorts and the white crop top that I’ve been searching for for more than a year. I was also able to cross a white sweater off of my list (finally).

The boots were a little more complicated though. I decided to order them and just try them on when I realized that I was not too happy with the ones I bought in February. Those were just too small and I only ended up wearing them once or twice because of that. I just wanted to make them work and couldn’t. Once I tried these Blondo boots on, I saw how much better these were and that the others weren’t going to work. I decided to return the other pair (thanks to Nordstrom’s generous policy) and use that money to buy this new pair. Since the difference was only $31, that was how much I had to budget to pay the difference. Now I know I finally have a pair of boots in the color I like (and are already waterproofed).

As complicated as all of that was for July, I’m not sure if August will be any less complicated. I still have a number of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale pieces to decide on and I have to figure out how to make everything work if I want to some how stay within my budget. It might mean I need to pick up a few more babysitting jobs and sell a few more pieces of clothing.

I can’t believe it’s already time for the July 2017 budget. This was by far one of the oddest budgets for me to put together.

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