My Favorite Under $100 Picks from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

NORDSTROM -  Shop the Anniversary Sale through August 6

Yup, it’s that time. Everyone now has access to the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’ve decided how I’m going to share things from this sale so you can find some good things.

First, there will be this post. In this post, I’ll share my favorite $100 pieces/what I’m probably going to buy from the sale. I’m going to try to update/republish it next week in case things sell out. And yes, everything that I’m sharing here is under $100. If I make an exception, it’s going to be for a really really really good reason (like a good pair of leather boots or a legit winter coat).

Second, I’ve created a pinterest board for the sale. I’ll add all of my favorite sale pieces there and update it as the sale goes on! Use it to find some of my favorite pieces and browse the sale in a less overwhelming and pressure inducing form. Make sure to follow it to check out my picks. There’ll be a mix of under $100 and over $100, but likely a lot of the pieces there will be reasonably priced.

Third, since I’ve already bought a few things from the sale, there will ┬ábe a shopping reviews post for it. That way you can know how the fit is and if it’s actually worth the money. That will go up either tomorrow or early next week.

How does that sound to you? Now let’s get on to the shopping!



Jackets, Vests, and Cardigans




And because I have to give my two cents to everything, here are a few of the items that I want to especially call out for you.

Madewell Lakeside Peplum Shirt

Remember this top? It was one of my favorite shirts from last year! And now it’s back and on sale. Scoop it up now while you can. Also, this picture doesn’t do it justice, which kind of annoys me.


Halogen Scalloped Tank

This tank is just cute. It’s the definition of work in the front, party in the back. Check it out and you’ll see why.


Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater

Since I’m not really doing the cold shoulder thing, I figured I’d go all in on the scallops thing. So it’s good that this sweater comes in 8 different colors.


Nike Juvenate SE Sneaker

You may have heard me rave at some point about how much I love my Nike Juvenate sneaker. If not, let me say it again: I love these. They’re like walking on air. If you don’t get them, you’re just doing yourself a disservice.


Kut from Kloth Diana Stretch Skinny Jeans

I didn’t order any jeans this year, but I did order from this brand last year and I really liked these jeans. They were super comfortable and I really liked how soft the fabric was. I normally don’t stray from my usual denim, so this is a strong testament to how much I liked these!


Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra

Sorry if this is too risque for anyone, but the majority of my Nordstrom sale shopping this year was actually for bras, so I had to share this one that I bought. I’ve heard great things about the Natori bras, so I figured now was the time to try them out! I’ll make sure to let you know what I think!

It’s finally time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! In an effort to not annoy you, I’m going to limit my posting about the sale. Check out this post to see my favorite pieces and also how I’ll be posting about the sale for the next few weeks.

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