How to Pick the Perfect Shoes For Any Summer Wedding

Since we’re in full on wedding season, I thought it was time we talk about something really important. We already talked about picking out the dress you’re going to wear as a wedding guest. So now, how the heck do you figure out what shoes to wear to a summer wedding? (And yes, it’s an issue, keep reading on while I explain.)
How to Pick the Perfect Shoes For a Summer Wedding | Something Good

So why a summer wedding? Well, summer weddings tend to have the biggest variety in location which can be really important when picking your shoes. For weddings in colder weather, you can almost guarantee that it’ll be indoors, so almost anything goes. For a summer wedding, people like to get creative with their outdoor locations and it can make it difficult for guests to choose what shoes to wear. I’ve seen pictures from beach weddings, I’ve had to walk through grass, I’ve had to deal with gravel, and I’ve been to two weddings on a farms (which have gravel, grass, and wood floors).
It’s a rough world out there for wedding guests. And we won’t even get started on buying plane tickets and wedding gifts.

To help you pick out what shoes to wear, I’m going to describe each potential ground and what shoes are best for them. I’ve include some ideas, but I’ve kept them all in neutral colors and under $100. You definitely don’t need to wear nude shoes, (be colorful if you want) I’m just giving you a blank slate to work with.

I’ve also included a fun chart at the end to help you really pick out which type of shoes if you’re really stuck. The most important thing though? Know your location! Pay attention! I stupidly wore stilettos to an outdoor wedding once and spent the majority of the night trying to avoid having my heels sink into the grass. That all could have just been avoided if I had just been smart and read the invitation a little more closely.

Alright, so let’s get into it!
Beach: Sand
No matter what, you want a sandal. It’ll make it easy for sand to exit quickly if it gets into your shoe. You don’t want sand getting caught in your shoes! Now, in terms of flat or heel, that is up to you based on how much interaction you’ll have with the sand. Are you going to actually walk across a beach? Flats (you just can’t walk when your stilettos are sinking into the sand). Is it just with a beach view but there’s still a chance of sand? You can do whatever you want. Your main focus is keeping the sand out of your shoes.

Have you ever had your heel sink into the grass and dirt? It’s not fun. Now, you can get heel protectors like these, but why not just make life easier and wear basically any other shoe? Honestly though, you can wear almost any other shoe, it just depends on how much you like grass. If you’re going to wear a flat, just make sure that dirt or slightly wet grass (you never know) won’t ruin your flat.

 Ugh. I hate gravel with a passion. To deal with gravel, I would suggest wearing a wedge that has a bit of a platform. The platform will stop gravel from getting into your sandal and the wedge will avoid gravel ruining a heel (which it will). If you wear a flat, you may be safe, you’ll still probably get little rocks inside your shoes. BUT if you can get away with wearing cowboy boots (hey farm weddings), then definitely do that.

I think you know what to do here. You’re home free! Wear all the heels, flats, or wedges you want!

If you need anymore help, here’s a little chart to help you narrow down what shoes to wear.
How to Pick the Perfect Shoes For a Summer Wedding | Something Good
How many weddings do you have to go to this year? Is it a year off for you?
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  1. I’ve had one wedding already this year, and I have three more yet to come, plus two next year. I love the chart! My biggest problem is usually figuring out what dress to wear!!