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Friday Night Links | Something Good, bean boots
(In honor of our mid-March snow)
Do Something Good
 I told you I had too many things to talk about last week! This story is a carry over from last week, but it’s still pretty good.
Have you heard of Chance the Rapper? I’m going to assume that you have. And if you haven’t, google. Anyways, last week, he donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Currently Illinois received the not-so-great distinction of the worst school funding system in the nation. They have the highest number of students living in poverty and they receive significantly less funding than their affluent peer schools. After losing a large amount of funding, the Chicago School system saw that it was going to be forced to cut summer school and shorten the school year by three weeks. Chance, originally from Chicago, didn’t want to see these students fall behind because of political dealings they can’t control.  He decided to step up and help the students by providing this contribution and hopefully help to open up the conversation even more.
If you want to learn more about his contribution and the state of public education in Chicago, take some time to look over this article about Chance’s donation.
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