How to Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolutions

Is fitness one of your new years resolutions? Or do you need a little more motivation to work out right now? Then hopefully this post can help you start and keep your new years fitness resolution.

How to Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolutions | Something Good

I’ll be the first to admit it, sometimes fitness isn’t always fun. But I’ve realized that most of the time it isn’t fun because you picked the wrong exercise. So what is the first way to keep your new years fitness resolution?

1. Pick an exercise that you actually like.
Crazy, I know. But there are SO MANY different options for exercise now that it’s ridiculous to do something that you don’t like. It might take a little while to figure out what you like to do, but just keep trying out new classes. Many studios offer discounted orĀ free classes for new students, so it’s a great time to test those out.

2. Bring a friend
Fitness classes can be a lot more fun if you have someone there for a little extra motivation. It’s a good excuse to see one of your friends and you two can be accountability partners for each out when it comes to actually going to work out.

3. Let a friend drag you somewhere
You know that friend who’s always talking about where she goes to work out and how much she loves it? And yes, I’m fully aware that I’m that person for pure barre. Well why not ask her if you can tag along? Trust me, she’ll be ridiculously excited to introduce you to it.

New Years Fitness Resolutions | Something Good

4. Make it short
Remember how I mentioned that there are millions of different exercise classes that you can try now? Well if you aren’t really an exercise class person, there are equally as many videos on youtube that will help you work out in the pleasure of your own home. Plus, there are a lot that are less than 10 minutes and trust me, you can fit a good workout into just 10 minutes.

5. KISS (Keep it simple silly)
Need to ease your way into your new years fitness resolution? No problem, just keep it simple! Decide to take a 20 minute walk every day. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. All of those silly suggestions that people make, they actually work. Just keep it simple and ease your way into working out.

New Years Fitness Resolutions | Something Good

I’m going to share some of my favorite workout clothes tomorrow, but for now here’s my favorite water bottle!

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  • I love #5. It totally doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Thank you for this! Tracy

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it!