The B Bar Link Up: Fall Goals

For today’s post for The B Bar Link Up, we were asked to talk about our Fall goals. I have a few floating around right now, but I decided to share a few today, ones that concern my personal life and my blogging life.
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1. Just stop.
I was trying to come up with a good way to express this goal, but once  “just stop” came to mind, I couldn’t figure out a better or more succinct way to say what I was feeling. 
While this year has been going well, I keep focusing on the bad things that come up and not moving on. I need to just stop.
I keep comparing myself to others (especially over inconsequential things), that needs to just stop.
If I don’t like doing something, I need to just stop (easier said than done, but not always possible, I’ll admit).
I keep getting wrapped up in my work and it keeps causing me to go to bed later than I want to. That needs to just stop.
If I’m reading a book I don’t like, I need to just stop.
A lot of these are big ideas and big goals, but I’m hoping if I can apply this motto to little things when they come up, it’ll help the bigger picture. Plus, I’m not in school anymore. If I don’t like a book, I don’t need to keep reading it.
2. Finances.
Seriously, will I ever stop yapping about this topic? Probably not. But it’s been weighing on me even more since I started tracking my weekly spending, in addition to monthly. Holy cow. You realize how much more things are adding up when you break it down that much. 
Even though I know I should have a tangible goal in this category, I don’t really. Yet. I want to watch this a little more and start to look at what patterns emerge and what I can do from there.
3. Stop wasting food.
Now that I live by myself, I start to notice how much food I have and how much I buy on a weekly basis. Honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous. To fix this, I have a few things that I’m going to do:
Meal Plan: I already do meal planning, but it’s been more about what I wanted to try cooking as opposed to what I currently have in my kitchen. I’m going to continue to try to cook new things, but try to pick recipes that utilize what I already have.
Freeze it: I knew you could freeze a lot of things, but thanks to Janssen, I’m on a “freeze everything” kick. If I know I’m not going to need something for a while, but I don’t want it to go bad? I’m freezing it. I started doing this in the past few weeks and it’s already started to make things better.
b bar link up, fall goals, blogging goals
On the blogging side of my life, I have two main goals for this quarter:
1. Work becoming better at Something Good’s editorial calendar
I started using the Blog Better By Leap google docs calendar and it’s a game changer. I’ve tried a few different methods, but this one has been the most effective so far. Plus, it’s made it easier for me to get posts done significantly ahead of time.
2. Step up my game in blog related areas 
I feel like I’ve been consumed in so many different areas of my nonblogging life (which is definitely not a bad thing), that I haven’t taken the time to focus on some of the blogging areas where I want to step up my game. The areas I want to focus on? Social media presence, SEO, accounting, and sponsored post pitching.
I know this post has been a little wordier than usual, but truthfully, I love writing these longer posts. It really gives me the opportunity to get some of the things floating around my head on to paper (/keyboard) and share some of that with you.
So now that I’m done talking, it’s your turn. Have you made any goals for yourself recently? What are you trying to focus on and what are you doing to help that?

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